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Tvelp is a networking platform that facilitates global shopping and connects shoppers with travelers who can bring requested items from abroad. The platform aims to provide an easy and cost-effective way for Indian shoppers to purchase products from the global market without incurring heavy international shipping charges. It also offers an opportunity for travelers to earn rewards by renting a portion of their luggage space to carry and deliver items requested by shoppers.

To benefit from Tvelp as a shopper, you would need to register on the platform. Once registered, you can browse and purchase items from the US market or other global markets. The delivery charge for your purchases would be surprisingly low, as it would be paid directly to the traveler who brings your items to India.

As a traveler, you can register on Tvelp and earn rewards by offering a portion of your luggage space to carry requested items for shoppers. You can post your upcoming trips on the platform, indicating your destination country and dates. Shoppers who need items from that destination can then connect with you and request you to bring specific products. For each item you deliver, you can earn handsome rewards ranging from 500 to 800 INR per item, and for the entire trip, you can earn around 2000-3000 INR.

Tvelp aims to make global shopping and product delivery more convenient and affordable for Indian shoppers, while providing an opportunity for travelers to earn rewards by utilizing their available luggage space.
Here are the steps for shoppers on Tvelp:
  • Post an ad: Create a listing on Tvelp specifying the item you want and the destination you want it delivered to.
  • Receive traveler suggestions: Tvelp will provide you with a list of travelers who are willing to bring your requested item. Review their profiles, ratings, and any additional information provided.
  • Negotiate with travelers: Contact the travelers you're interested in and negotiate the terms of the delivery, including the delivery fee and any other relevant details.
  • Select a traveler: Based on the negotiations and your preferences, choose a traveler to deliver your item. Confirm the agreement and finalize the deal.
  • Wait for delivery: Wait for the traveler to arrive in India or the designated destination country. Arrange a mutually agreed meeting location for the delivery.
  • Successful delivery: Once the traveler delivers the item to you, inspect it to ensure it matches your expectations. If everything is satisfactory, proceed to the next step.
  • Make payment: Pay the agreed-upon amount to the traveler only after the successful delivery of the item. Ensure both parties are satisfied with the transaction.

And here are the steps for travelers on Tvelp:
  • Post trip details: Create a trip listing on Tvelp, specifying your travel locations and dates.
  • Receive delivery requests: Shoppers will send you requests to bring specific items to their desired destination. Review the requests and consider the items you're willing to carry.
  • Accept a shopper's request: Based on the negotiation offers and agreement deals, select a shopper whose request you would like to fulfill. Confirm the agreement and finalize the deal.
  • Purchase the item: Purchase the requested item on behalf of the shopper before your trip. Ensure the item meets the shopper's specifications and any other requirements.
  • Carry and deliver the item: Bring the purchased item with you during your trip to India or the designated destination country. Coordinate with the shopper to arrange a convenient delivery location.
  • Successful delivery and payment: Meet with the shopper at the agreed-upon location and deliver the item. Once the shopper confirms the successful delivery, receive the agreed-upon reimbursement for the item's cost and your reward.
  • By following these steps, shoppers and travelers can effectively use Tvelp to connect, negotiate, and facilitate the delivery of desired items while ensuring a smooth and secure transaction for both parties.
Tvelp prioritizes trust and safety by implementing ID verification for both shoppers and travelers. This process helps establish credibility and reliability within the online community, ensuring secure transactions. Tvelp partners with a trusted service provider, such as Twilio , to securely verify user identities. User data is handled according to Tvelp's privacy policy, which ensures that data is stored securely and used only for necessary purposes. By emphasizing trust and privacy, Tvelp aims to create a secure platform for shoppers and travelers to connect and engage in successful transactions.
An offline deal refers to any communication between shoppers and travelers that occurs outside of the Tvelp chat messenger. This includes discussions, negotiations, changes in item specifications, meeting locations, and monetary exchanges related to an agreement initially made on the Tvelp platform.

Tvelp explicitly states that it will not be held responsible or liable for any fraud, item damages or loss, insurance coverage, follow-up actions, or any other issues arising from offline deals. Legal organizations or governments cannot hold Tvelp accountable in such cases.

Tvelp retains the right to disassociate from any agreement made offline between shoppers and travelers and is not obligated to provide further assistance to the users involved. Additionally, Tvelp has the authority to ban the accounts of shoppers and travelers who engage in offline deals.

It is important for users to understand and acknowledge these terms and to conduct their transactions within the boundaries and guidelines set by Tvelp to ensure a secure and protected experience on the platform.
The term "Tvelp Fees" refers to the amount earned by Tvelp for providing a secure platform with verified users. These fees contribute to the operational costs of running the platform, including the development of improved features, solutions to user problems, and the provision of 24/7 customer support and tracking services.

During the Tvelp Beta Platform phase, the Tvelp Fees will be waived as part of building a community of loyal users. This means that users can enjoy the benefits of the platform without incurring any additional charges during this initial period.