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Revolutionizing Global Shopping with Tvelp


At Tvelp, our vision is to break down borders and connect the world through seamless and trustworthy global shopping experiences. We aim to empower shoppers to access products from around the world without the constraints of geography or exorbitant shipping costs. By harnessing the power of travelers' journeys, we're redefining the way people shop, save, and explore, fostering a global community that thrives on trust and collaboration.

how many watches can i carry from usa to india

how many watches can i carry from usa to india


Our Promise

Tvelp promises to deliver an innovative platform that brings shoppers and travelers together, fostering a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties. Our commitment is to provide a secure and user-friendly environment where shoppers can find their desired products and travelers can earn while making their trips more fulfilling. We prioritize transparency, convenience, and reliability, ensuring that every interaction on our platform is driven by mutual trust.

Through Tvelp, we're not just reimagining shopping; we're creating a movement that transcends boundaries and enriches lives. Join us in shaping the future of global commerce, where every journey becomes an opportunity to connect, save, and explore a world of possibilities.

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Our Story

The idea of Tvelp came into being during the Covid-19 lockdown. The founders of the platform wanted to ship some things from India for a family event in the USA but the shipping prices were a lot. Shipping had just started after a pause but even then, the price was pretty high. He had some contacts who helped him get what he required for the event for a lesser price. He was lucky, but he knew that everyone would not be this lucky. He did not want other potential shoppers to miss out on the other products that are globally available. This is where the concept of Tvelp came into existence. The founder avoided significant payments thanks to his contacts. Then, he and a few people started playing around with the idea of international shipping at a lower-than-normal cost. It is for these trials and tribulations that Tvelp has become a reality. 

That is not all, the friends of the founder often used to call him up to ship iPads to India through his parents. This led to the birth of the idea of the delivery of items between the USA and India without any shipping fee.

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can i carry sealed iphone from usa to india


Turning Challenges into Solutions:

We, at Tvelp, have capitalized on the problem of making huge payments for things to be bought from the USA/India. We must let customers know the maximum baggage limit to and from the USA and India and the duty-free allowance. This will also help travelers decide on how much they should carry to save maximum on their overseas journey as well as earn with the product delivery as well.

Also, Tvelp will make sure that the product changes hands. In case of issues or delays, customer service will enter the scene and try their best to see that the shopper receives their product. Similarly, we will also see to it that the traveler receives the payment in cases where the shopper cancels their order.

custom duty on iphone from usa to india

custom duty on iphone from usa to india


Our Drive

The founders' determination to turn their challenges into opportunities became the driving force behind Tvelp. With a deep understanding of the pain points faced by shoppers and travelers alike, they built a platform that embodies their own journey of perseverance and innovation. Today, Tvelp stands as a testament to their commitment to making cross-border shopping simpler, more economical, and more fulfilling.

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Join the Journey

Through their experiences, the founders of Tvelp have redefined what's possible in the world of shopping and travel. Their story is a reminder that even the most daunting challenges can lead to groundbreaking solutions. Join us in embracing the spirit of innovation and collaboration as we continue to transform the way the world shops, connects, and explores.

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Travel you can trust

Why book with Tvelp?

Discover the unparalleled advantages of choosing Tvelp for your global shopping and traveling needs. Our unique platform brings together shoppers and travelers, creating a seamless and rewarding experience.

how to import iphone from usa to india

Connect with Travelers
Global Connection: Connect with a diverse community of shoppers and travelers worldwide.
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Negotiate and Confirm
Verified Profiles: Trust in a secure network with verified shopper and traveler profiles.
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Secure Payment
Transparent Transactions: Experience clear communication, fair negotiations, and secure payment processes.
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Track and Receive
Seamless Experience: Benefit from a user-friendly interface for effortless shopping and traveling interactions.
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Connect with Travelers
Global Connection: Connect with a diverse community of shoppers and travelers worldwide.
What our client says
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Tvelp has been a game-changer for me! I got the latest tech gadget at an unbeatable price, and the process was seamless. The traveler was friendly and professional. Thank you, Tvelp!
Rohini S
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As a frequent shopper, Tvelp has become my go-to platform. Not only do I save on shipping, but the assurance of secure transactions and a community of reliable travelers makes the whole experience worthwhile.
Amit P
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